The Seven Creatures You’ll Find at a Marketing Seminar

Last week, we made our way down to the Viaduct for the much-anticipated #GrowWithHubspot Digital Marketing Masterclass. From Ryan Bonnici’s signature squats to Niti Shah’s ToFu witticisms and James Gilbert’s Tinder tips, each speaker gave valuable insights on the current state of digital marketing and how best to attract clients. As expected, we returned to the office brimming with fresh ideas on how we can improve our content marketing strategy for our clients as well as our own agency.

The seminar was exceedingly well organised and was undoubtably a valuable way to spend the morning. Furthermore, for the budding sociologists among us, it presented an excellent people-watching opportunity. Here are the seven types of people you can expect to see should you choose to attend one:

The Relentless Networker


This guy reaches out to anyone and everyone regardless if his advances are solicited or not. They’ll add you on LinkedIn and follow you on Twitter before you can say #FlipMyFunnel.


The Information Hoarder


Perhaps they didn’t hear that all slides will be available to download later on, or maybe they just can’t sit still for two hours. The Information Hoarders are usually compulsive note-takers intent on collecting all kernels of information for later use.


The Constant Tweeter


Fervently gripping their smartphone with both hands, eyes wide and ears open waiting for the most sharable stat or controversial quote. This person memorised all the hashtags and speaker twitter handles last week.


The Guy Who’s Clearly There For The Refreshments


First in the coffee line and last in the conference room, this person also brought their own Tupperware


The Deer in Headlights


The freshly minted Uni student at their first networking event. Mildly terrified, they occasionally attempt small talk while vehemently clutching their business cards.


The Eager Listener


These people are here to learn and refuse to waste time. They ask relevant questions and leave before lunch to get back to work.


The Guy Who’s Been Here Before


The seasoned veterans who seem too comfortable for their own good, waltzing in ten minutes late and casually sitting next to the presenters. They’re here to mine the presentation for fresh content to regurgitate at their next client meeting.

By Bridget on July 27, 2016
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