Seven Creatures That Are Probably in the Ocean

So today’s World Ocean Day! The day where we pay homage to 75% of our planet’s surface and the creatures that inhabit it.

Four clicks into a Google search, we came across an interesting fact: 95% of the ocean remains completely unexplored. If ocean exploration was an exam, we’d have completely failed.

Obviously, we haven’t given up and we’re developing more advanced ways of diving deeper into the Earth’s watery bosom. But in the meantime, the possibilities of what dwells in the deep are endless! We got to talking about our favourites:

Giant – ass crayfish

Ok, so while these things aren’t actually immortal, they continue growing until the day they die. On record, the largest one caught was like, 3.5 feet / 1.06 metres. Crayfish meet their demise either by getting caught, killed, or dying from the stress of shedding their exoskeletons. There MUST be some super-crayfish out there that’s avoided predators, toughed out the shedding process, and now resembles a giant clawed crocodile. 


The Kraken

Somewhere, in those 1.27 billion cubic litres of water, a gigantic creature is chilling. Maybe it’s a giant, colossal, uber squid like Pirates of the Caribbean portrays, or Liam Neesen’s pet turtle in Clash of the Titans. As Obi-Wan Kenobi said in Phantom Menace, “there’s always a bigger fish.” And that’s pretty much the scientific basis for this hypothesis.



Some time in amongst the evolution of man, something went back into the ocean, procreated, and developed an entire aquatic species that managed to avoid land-living humans for millennia. Until they breached the surface and were sighted by sailors in the last hundred years. Science says that what these seamen saw were manatees. Have you seen a manatee? There’s no way you’re confusing a topless woman with flowing hair and a tail with a sea hippo.



If merpeople are down there, why not elaborate bubble cities containing amphibious creatures? Perhaps they’re so deep they have no awareness of us on land? We won’t know unless we look, people.



The Sea God. Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin famously stated after his return to earth in 1961 ‘I looked and looked but I didn’t see God’. Well, maybe that’s because you went in the wrong direction…



Maybe H.P. Lovecraft was right. Somewhere at the bottom of that wet abyss is an Old One waiting to come back to Earth and do God-knows-what. A lot can fit in 1.27 billion cubic metres.



In the millions of years Earth has been and beasts have walked and flown and swum, surely we’ve had some cross-species boinking. Along the way, something has to have taken hold and evolved. For evidentiary support, see the documentary, Sharktopus. This theory also covers the existence of Dinoshark, Piranhaconda, Pteracuda, Whalewolf and Crocosaurus, each with their own documentaries (most with sequels).

By Bridget on June 8, 2016
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